Avast Internet Security 2015

Avast Internet Security 2015 17.6.3625

One of the best antiviruses for Windows

Avast Internet Security is an antivirus that needs no introduction. Praised by many users for its PC protection, Avast (no longer avast!) is a multi-function security program that's very easy to use and one whose power is no longer in doubt. View full description


  • Versatile antivirus
  • Accessible and user friendly interface
  • Several tools and settings
  • Excellent detection of threats
  • The new Smart Scan feature


  • High memory consumption


Avast Internet Security is an antivirus that needs no introduction. Praised by many users for its PC protection, Avast (no longer avast!) is a multi-function security program that's very easy to use and one whose power is no longer in doubt.

The latest update, Nitro, even adds a dedicated browser to go alongside a silent firewall providing protection against phishing and identity theft.

Everything you need to secure your PC

Avast Internet Security offers real-time protection for your computer. It continually updates its database of virus definitions to guarantee maximum protection against online threats, including viruses, spyware and rootkits. Five types of scans are available to verify their presence on your PC and eliminate them. In addition, attacks by spam emails and phishing are neutralized by the anti-spam agent.

With the new Nitro update, Avast Internet Security has a powerful new weapon- the SafeZone browser. This is a dedicated antiviral browser, perfect for those times that you need to be extra certain of your machine’s safety on a suspicious site, or when handling some internet banking, which is covered by a special Banking Mode.

Billed as the safest browser in the world, this tool has an ad-blocker function and a video downloader to let you watch videos offline at your convenience.

The new CyberCapture feature will help by catching and scanning unknown files downloaded to your machine. There’s much more too, from Secure DNS to encrypt your connection to a Browser Cleanup feature that removes those frustrating unwanted toolbars and add-ons.

Last but not least, the Sandbox lets you view programs and websites in isolation, so even if they are infected it won’t reach your computer.

Finally, you're able to adjust several settings that let you customize Avast Internet Security's configuration. You can also access statistics showing personal and general usage.

An accessible interface and increased performance

Despite its large number of features, Avast Internet Security is still a very accessible program with excellent ergonomics and a generally accessible interface that's extremely easy to use. The latest update to Avast Internet Security has also made improvements to the programme’s usability.

For the new version, Avast Internet Security maintains the same interface as its predecessor, which also underwent a complete overhaul. It retains its customizable home page, as well as the side menu to access the program's features.

To make the program easier to use, the new version of Avast Internet Security provides you with a whole new support system, in addition to online help that's regularly updated.

Finally, regarding the performance of the antivirus, Avast Internet Security includes new technologies such as Secure DNS, scan HTTPS, and Home Security Network. These features are intended to strengthen the security provided by the software, but I won't burden you with all the technical details.

What you get with Avast Internet Security? You will enjoy virus scanning in five different steps with intelligent analysis. You also get "Passwords", SafeZone, a range of tools such as firewalls, Sandbox, and a major upgrade to the virus scan. Opt for this version of Avast for safe online navigation.

A first rate Antivirus

With its accessible interface, reinforced protection, and advanced settings, Avast remains a prime choice for those seeking a complete and reliable antivirus.

Avast Internet Security 2015


Avast Internet Security 2015 17.6.3625

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